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We are Jericho Writers

In 2004, best-selling author, Harry Bingham, set up the Writers’ Workshop in order to offer writers expert editorial services. Since then, we’ve helped hundreds of writers achieve some huge success.

We still offer the very best in editorial advice, courses and events under our new name, ‘Jericho Writers’. But now, we want to go even further.

So we’ve built a club – for writers like you.

Read on to learn what the Jericho Writers Club can do to help you.

Writing is hard

“I want to get ideas and inspiration. I want to learn more and get better.”

Take our acclaimed 17-video / 15-hour writing course. Watch 20+ masterclasses. View our Snapshot advice series, filmed by leading writers & tutors.

All included FREE in your membership

Hugely inspiring … I was often pausing the videos to spend time working on ideas that had sprung up.” – Nathan M

I’ve no idea how to find an agent

“I don’t know anyone in the industry. Help!”

Search our comprehensive AgentMatch database. Meet agents and get feedback via our Slushpile Live webinars. Watch interviews with top agents

All included FREE in your membership

So many fantastic opportunities, wonderful people and great friends – I am the writer I am today because of them.” – Mandy B

How do I find a publisher?

“How do I take my book from where it is to publication? What am I meant to do next?”

Take our 24 video / 10 hour Getting Published video course. Learn exactly how big publishers work. Watch interviews with top agents. Meet agents via Slushpile Live.

All included FREE in your membership

Having a go-to source of expertise is incredibly reassuring and makes the road seem less lonesome.” – Emma P

I need to learn about self-publishing

“Where do I start? What do I need to know?”

Take our comprehensive Self-Publishing course: 18 video / 10 hour basic course, with 9 video / 6 hours worth of bonus material. Plus complete access to our inspirational indie masterclasses.

All included FREE in your membership

Definitely the best course I’ve ever been on.” – Marnie R

I’m a writer and I want support

“I want to meet, share and make friends with other writers.”

Join the Jericho Community. We built our club for writers like you. Take a look at our forums, our blogs, our groups.

The Townhouse community forum is included FREE in your membership

I LOVE Jericho Writers. I recommend you to everyone I know who wants to write.” – Helen F

Everything you need to make it as a writer

Why walk alone, when you could walk with friends?

We created the Jericho Writers Club to help writers like you improve their craft and publish or self-publish more successfully.

For the price of one low-cost membership, you get unlimited access to ALL our video courses, ALL our masterclasses, ALL our films, ALL our webinars, the entire AgentMatch agent database, and the Jericho Townhouse community.

We have helped hundreds of writers get published, secure film deals, win prizes and sell millions of copies.

We genuinely believe we can help you too.

Included in your membership:

  • How to Write course: 17 videos, 15 hours runtime.
  • Getting Published course: 24 videos, 10 hours runtime.
  • Self-publishing course: 18 videos, plus bonuses.
  • Jericho Conversations: Includes live agent pitch sessions.
  • Jericho Cinema: Films with agents, publishers & more.
  • Jericho Masterclasses: Filmed live at writing events around the world.
  • AgentMatch: Literary agent database & search engine.
  • Jericho Townhouse: Our writing community.
  • Ask Jericho: Got a question? We’re here for you.

There are no long-term lock-ins on our membership. We make it easy to cancel at any time.”

Have questions?

Whatever your query, we’re here to help.

You can email the Jericho Writers team with all your questions at: info@jerichowriters.com